Here’s how it all started.

In the spring of 2015, seasoned farmers Megan Taft and Sara Cawthon approached Steven Hufnagel, Executive Director of Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust – formerly Damariscotta River Association – with a dream.

Megan and Sara had visited the Ecumenical Food Pantry and talked with other regional partners about the need for increasing the availability and quality of fresh foods at Lincoln County food pantries. It was clear that while effort was made to provide families with fresh produce, additional work was needed to meet the demand. Sara and Meg had the passion and the know-how to grow these foods – all they needed was the space to make it happen.

A well-established, nationally accredited land trust, Coastal Rivers was prepared to donate use of its fertile fields, as well as provide administrative support for the farm. For Coastal Rivers, cultivating the fields at Salt Bay Farm honors the history of the farm by returning some of the land to active farmland, while significantly increasing access to fresh, local produce for families in neighboring communities. In Steven’s words, “The opportunity to reestablish crop production at the farm is a powerful reminder that the health of our lands, water and people are closely linked.”

Coastal Rivers donates the use of its fertile farmland and storage space at Darrows Barn, serves as fiscal sponsor for the farm, and provides administrative support.

With enthusiastic support from the community, Sara and Meg’s dream has become a reality. In 2018, our third growing season, the farm produced nearly 30,000 pounds of produce on two acres of land using organic practices. Moreover, we’ve completed our food storage hub with walk-in cooler space, established a new school garden, and started work on a hoophouse for the 2019 season.

Meet our world-class farmers

Sara Cawthon with fresh foods - big broccolis

Sara Cawthon
Farm Manager

Sara has been growing small-scale vegetables for over ten years, in the Midwest and New England. Sara has a wide range of agricultural experiences that include working for small and large CSA vegetable and livestock farms, growing up around large-scale commodity farming, and working for several non-profit farming programs. She holds a Master of Science degree from Antioch University in Environmental Studies, with a focus on agriculture, and has most recently served as the Organic Garden Manager at Bowdoin College.

Megan Taft with a big eggplant

Megan Taft
Farm Development

Megan is the co-founder of Twin Villages Foodbank Farm. Along with her partner Sara, she has previously owned and operated Seed by Seed Farm and supported the start-up of an immigrant growers cooperative in Madison, Wisconsin. She has an M.Ed in Diversity and Social Justice from the University of Massachusetts, with a focus on food access and security. She is particularly interested in working with communities to build the awareness, knowledge and skills necessary to create lasting change within community food systems. She currently leads the development efforts for Twin Villages Foodbank Farm.

Kaitly Gardner

Kaitlyn Gardner
Assistant Farm Manager

Kaitlyn has been with TVFF for the first two seasons, helping with everything on the farm from leading student group visits to helping to set up new farm infrastructure. She has worked on several small farms for nearly 10 years and was most recently Coordinator of the Teen Ag Program at Wolfe’s Neck Farm in Freeport, Maine.

And how about our great partners at Coastal Rivers?

DRA and farm staff

From the left, Coastal Rivers and farm staff include Steven Hufnagel, Sara Cawthon, Sarah Gladu, Deb Suchar, Jesse Ferreira, Jim Grenier, Darryn Kaymen, Kaitlyn Gardner, and Hannah McGhee. Not pictured: Megan Taft or Angela DesVeaux.

We have a close partner in Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust. Our farm is located in the fields at Coastal Rivers’ Great Salt Bay Farm. Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust (formerly Damariscotta River Association or DRA) also serves as fiscal sponsor and provides valuable administrative support and storage space for the farm.

Officially, Coastal Rivers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, membership supported, community based, nationally accredited land trust and conservation organization with more than 1,800 members conserving more than 3,000 acres of the region’s most significant lands for public benefit.

Unofficially, Coastal Rivers has an awesome board, staff, and supporters who have been amazingly supportive of the farm.

You can become a part of Twin Villages Foodbank Farm and feed a family in your community by donating today!


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